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Master in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control     MCACGestio_segell_en

The field of accounting management, auditing and management control has experienced significant growth in recent years, both for the implementation of International Accounting Standards in Europe and for the large number of changes that occur in the business world. In this context, the role of the auditor and controller will have even more relevance and are among the professions most demanded by the market.

There are three alternatives to take the master:

1. AUDIT MODALITY: The Master's Degree in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control is aimed at graduates and / or graduates who want to develop their skills and knowledge in accounting, auditing, and management control as fundamental elements of information on companies and entities in general. In this module we work on the regulations and working methods of the annual accounts, as well as the risk analysis and the internal control of the companies. The MACAUD is approved by the Institute of Accounting Accounts of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (ICAC) and waives the theoretical training test in the process of accessing the Official Register of Auditors of Accounts (ROAC)

2. CONTROLLING MODALITY In this module we study the main methods to develop relevant indicators for the management of the company in its decision-making process. In this module the student is prepared so that the three levels of the Chartered Controller Analyst CCA® certification, which is the most prestigious accreditation within the management control, can be successfully overcome.

3. MODALITY AUDIT AND CONTROLLING In this modality the student can take the two modalities, auditing and Controlling, with which he can access the ICAC and CCA accreditations. This modality can be done during one or two courses simultaneously the two optional modalities. It is the only official master's degree in Spain that allows obtaining the two specializations with ICAC and GCCI accreditations.